the press

Our traditional press grinds and presses fruit in one complete unit that is manually operated by you, the cider maker!

It has two barrels for fruit mash, a hand-cranked turn wheel and fruit grinder, and a threaded press with a pressing plate.

Vermont Homestead Cider Press Rental
Vermont Homestead Cider Press Rental
Vermont Homestead Cider Press Rental


Our cider press rental rate includes delivery and pickup up to 25 minutes away from New Haven, Vermont in an enclosed 5'x10' trailer.

We are happy to accommodate further distances, but additional delivery rates will apply. Contact us for details.

pressing supplies
Folding Table (6' L x 30" W)
Fruit Washing Tub
Cider Collection Pot
Supplies Tote
Tasting Glasses (4)
Cider Tub Strain Cloth (2)
Knives (2) for Adults to Use
Large Cutting Board
Hand Towels (2)
Mash Bin
Small Dolly
Vermont Product to Try
We live in a divine state filled with talented people creating wonderful things.
We are thrilled to feature a Vermont-made product for you to test out during your press rental.
This season we are showcasing the Vermont Singing Drum.
It is a beautiful, portable instrument perfect for pressing parties and gatherings with friends and family.
[We don't receive anything for featuring Vermont products. If you are a Vermont craftsperson or artisan interested in sharing your product with others, contact us!]
The only things you need to supply
Apples, grapes, pears, or other fruit you're pressing
Containers for your pressed cider
Water/Hose hookup (not required if your apples are already clean, but it's helpful)