Hello! We are Adam and Jessica Becker. 


Many years ago we wanted to make our own cider but quickly realized cider presses were one of three things: really expensive, impressively antique but not too sanitary looking, or difficult to find in general. Many times, they were all three.


We decided to scrap one together but the whole thing buckled and cracked under pressure during the first press. Despite the haphazard equipment, we still had a beautiful time gathering apples with family, meeting new neighbors, and putting up fresh local cider in our freezer. After that experience we always thought it would be amazing to bring a quality press to the people, and make use of all the wonderful, tasty apples that grow here in Vermont. ​


So we bring you Vermont Homestead Cider. It's really your cider and we're the press to rent to make it happen. We also know ease is everything, so we are excited to provide online scheduling and payment. Fall in Vermont is fleeting and there are apples to enjoy.